NATEV | Services
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The easiest way to predict the future is to implement it. (David Heinemeier Hansson – Software Developer)


All our software applications are developed in-house. In addition to standard applications (for example our Tool Management Platform), we also develop customized solutions. Please contact us to find out more about our expertise and services.


With NATEV®, you have a supplier on your side with a very high experience in industrial imaging solutions. Quality assurance, identification, object tracking or measurement tasks – our highly skilled experts plan and realize individual solutions for a variety of use cases. Our focus is the detection and identification of moving parts in industrial environments.


To keep the infrastructure mostly small in our installation, we are preferring to use smart cameras. These systems have the complete engine inside the camera. Maintenance and support are very easy.


We are also delivering nice and clear software applications for an easy user visualization, of course in-house developed from NATEV®. As a result, you have only one contact person for all parts and processes in the entire project.